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Tyron Everett

T. Everett

For Tyron Everett, a life of courageous leadership is not about taking grand stands or making big speeches. It’s about helping one person at a time see themselves with clarity and confidence.

Tyron said, “I like to say that I am a clean mirror. I do not tell people things that I think they would want to hear or exaggerate compliments that I would not express in other circumstances. I just provide a clear view of the same mirror that produces their self-image – a mirror which might be covered in smudges of doubt and insecurities. I like to show people their true beauty because just saying or thinking it is not enough. They have to be able to realize it for themselves.”

Though Tyron spent the majority of his time at Virginia Tech studying, attending classes, and working, he also found time each summer to work as a Summer Academy peer mentor. As an incoming first year student, he attended Summer Academy. It made such a positive impact on him as he transitioned from high school to college, that each summer after, he returned to mentor new students as they maneuver their way through their first college classes and experiences. Tyron continues to mentor and guide these students throughout their time here at Virginia Tech.

His nominator wrote, “They look to him as a leader, who works hard, helps others, and gives back to the community that has given so much to him. He is a courageous leader who shows up in life each day seeking to build relationships and make a difference in the lives of others.”

Tyron said, “They say that character is what you do when nobody is watching. However, I believe that someone is always looking, whether it is for a weakness or a strength to mimic. Being able to face the pressure of being a leader and constantly watched. The ability to not waver in the face of adversity. Having the self-awareness to reciprocate energy and not unleashing bad energy on people that didn’t cause or deserve it. The interesting factor is that the fight never stops. I will never be content with how I move as a leader and I will continue to improve and develop. I like to preach confidence without complacency.”

Tyron graduates this spring with a BS in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Networking and Cyber Security. He has accepted a job as a Software Architect Analyst for Accenture in Los Angeles. He said, “I believe that the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence will be my path to success when it comes to greatly impacting society.”

In addition to academics, Tyron has worked his way up to the position of facilities supervisor in McComas Hall and a student leader in Recreational Sports. He is respected by both his supervisors and the students he manages.

One of his professors in Electrical and Computer Engineering had this to say about Tyron: “He is that quiet leader the people will follow because of the respect his hard work will earn him.”

It is my honor to present the Aspire! Award for PREPARE FOR A LIFE OF COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP to Tyron Everett.