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ExperienceVT is a blog for students of Virginia Tech to tell the stories of their college experiences.

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      • Erin Coiley
      • Jan 18, 2019 Always keep growing, always keep learning

        Erin Coiley came to Virginia Tech in 2015 as a graduate student in the Higher Education Program and immediately identified with the feel of the campus community. She said, “I knew that I could be challenged, but also successful. It felt like it would be a place where I could learn while also making contributions to this field. Four years later, I still feel a sense of community. Though our work can be tough at times, I enjoy working with our students and I am continuing to learn and be shaped by those around me, both professionally and personally.”

      • Allyson Bailey
      • Jan 11, 2019 It’s OK to get help

        Allyson Bailey is a traumatic brain injury survivor — but she does not allow that to define her. “I’m a whole lot of other things, too,” Allyson said. “At Virginia Tech, I’ve been able to figure out what those other things are.”