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      • Feb 08, 2018 Helping affect change

        This year I have had the honor of serving as the Undergraduate Student Representative to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors. It has been a truly amazing experience thus far. I have met unique people and gotten to be a part of important decisions, but most importantly I have been able to serve this school I love so much and be a voice for students.

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      • Feb 02, 2018 "Third Culture Kid"

        I had been back in the U.S. for barely a week after living abroad for almost a decade when I desperately needed to figure out a living situation. I had taken two gap years after high school and was scared that if I moved into a regular residence hall, I would have trouble meeting people my age. I was afraid that I would feel too “international” in a regular dorm, but too American in an international dorm. I kept getting reminder emails to finish my housing application with the living-learning communities that I was interested in, when I finally decided to apply to Mozaiko.

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      • Jan 16, 2018 The less you know

        Whether you’ve just completed your first semester or your second to last semester before graduating, you should be proud of what you have accomplished.

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      • Dec 12, 2017 A graduating senior reflects on her Virginia Tech experience

        When I began to plan this post I wasn’t sure how to start, because in all honesty I had been so busy finishing the semester and applying to grad school that I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I was graduating. It’s easy to get caught up in everything the university lifestyle has to offer, and I’ve been so distracted that, now that it’s ending, I feel like it all went by really fast.

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      • Dec 04, 2017 Service through Sharing the Surplus

        Everyone warned me there would be a lot of food. As I came to the end of my first semester as the graduate assistant for The Campus Kitchen at Virginia Tech, I was coordinating our shifts as the dining facilities closed for the winter break. Working with student volunteers, Campus Kitchen reclaims unserved food from seven campus dining centers that is then distributed through local hunger-relief organizations. In that semester, we would usually see between 100-150 lbs. of food per delivery, including “grab-n-gobble” items, repackaged food that didn’t make it out for service the previous few days, as well as raw ingredients they didn’t end up using.

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