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ExperienceVT is a blog for students of Virginia Tech to tell the stories of their college experiences.

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      • Paolo Fermin
      • Dec 07, 2018 When curiosity leads to opportunity

        Paolo Fermin is a member of the Honors Residential Commons in East Ambler Johnston where he serves on the HRC Council historian committee. He’s an actor in a student-led production, perfecting the art of faking death on stage. He’s also a research volunteer at the Hume Center, contributing to the study of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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      • Nov 20, 2018 Preserving history

        Samantha Riggin wants to know more. More about the people she meets, more about the artifacts she encounters in her work, more about the stories that make up our history. She has what she calls “an unending desire to delve into a subject” and loves world history, cultural history, and—we especially love this one—Hokie history.

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      • Nov 19, 2018 Using strengths to embrace uncertainty

        Uncertainty. A gut wrenching, anxiety-inducing feeling that sits in your stomach. Uncertainty makes every life decision frightening, whether it’s in relationships, your identity, your goals, or your future. “Uncertainty” was the epitome of my freshman year.

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      • Nov 13, 2018 Following curiosity

        Jieun Chon, of JeonJu, South Korea, graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and will earn her master’s degree in the same field from the College of Engineering next May. She maintains a 4.0 GPA while serving as a teaching assistant, research assistant, GitHub coordinator, founder of Korean Computer Scientists, and president of the Korean Graduate Basketball Club.