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Strengths for Students

One-on-one coaching appointments

Strengths coaching is designed to help participants:

  • Understand more about your Top 5 Strengths and how you can best use them (such as leadership opportunities, working as part of a team, interviewing for jobs, etc.).
  • Identify examples of how and where your Top 5 show up in your life.

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Our Strenghts Consultants offer workshops at no cost to Virginia Tech Students, Faculty, Staff, and alumni.

Request a workshop for your Club or organization:

Workshops may be requested for any student organization, academic class, or professional or academic department, college, or working group on campus. Requested workshops are designed in consultation with the person requesting the workshop to meet the specific needs of each group. Our workshops can provide an introduction to the CliftonStrengths philosophy and participants’ Top 5, and/or focus more specifically on a given topic, like:

  • How do your Top 5 show up when you’re in a position of leadership?
  • How can you leverage your Top 5 to help others be at their best?
  • What individual and collective Strengths does your team have to rely on when working together?
  • What do you and your team members need to be at your best when working together toward a shared goal?
  • How can you and your team members communicate more efficiently and effectively together?
  • How are you thinking and talking about your Top 5 in resumes, cover letters, and interviews?
  • How can you translate your Top 5 into something hiring managers will understand and get excited about?
  • How have your Top 5 contributed to your sense of well-being?
  • How can you aim your Top 5 at improving your sense of well-being if/as needed?

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Use our GobblerConnect form to let us know how we can serve you! Requests must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the workshop date. All workshop participants must complete the Strengths assessment by 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.