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    Zack Feldman

    From the time Zack Feldman heard from his first-grade teacher that there is no such thing as a stupid question, he was off to the races.

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    Joseph D’Agostino

    Joe has consistently demonstrated a commitment to personal growth and self-reflection,” said his nominator. “His ability to introspect and make ethical decisions even in challenging situations is truly commendable.

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    Kristal Hines-Pressley

    Civility means caring and contributing to the community around you, whether it’s in small ways such as upholding community standards or in large ways such as taking leadership and guiding the community.” With that perspective, Kristal Hines-Pressley models and mentors her community in respectful collective living.

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    Judith Obregón

    Judith Obregón shows us what it means to lead bravely,” said her nominator. “Her actions remind us that true leaders stand up for justice and help those who need it most. Not only is she getting ready for a life of courageous leadership – she's living it.” In 2020, Judith established the Bright Light STEM organization, providing mentoring programs for underprivileged children in Peru and the Wayuu Indigenous Nation in Colombia. The initiative had over 60 volunteer teachers and empowered over 800 children, many of whom were inspired to pursue further education in STEM fields.

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    Ellie Thurneysen

    Ellie's leadership is only surpassed by her selflessness,” said her nominator. “She is a constant presence in her living-learning community as well as in the local community.

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