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    Vincent Russo

    To be perfectly blunt, there were no easy jobs during COVID-19. As an Isolation Assistant, Vincent Russo worked with the I/Q team, Housing and Residence Life, and the entire Student Affairs and Virginia Tech community to care for the mental, physical, and educational needs of students who needed to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure. He assisted with preparing temporary housing spaces, referring students to resources, planning opportunities for engagement, and serving as an after-hours resource for all students in Isolation/Quarantine.

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    Johan Carballo

    Johan Carballo’s nominator tells this story: “I walked into my chemistry class not knowing anyone. I sat in the third row, hoping I would someday have a friend to sit next to. Someone sitting in the front row turned back and introduced himself. ‘Hi, I'm Johan,’ he said. And that is how our friendship started.

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    Brian Plum

    The phrase “Been There, Done That” doesn’t even begin to cover the experiences Brian Plum has sought out in his life. Brian has visited more than 35 countries and has been to six of the world’s seven continents. He travels not just to see the world, but to learn about the geography, the people, their place in the world, their history, and their culture. AND to learn about himself. Most of his travels involve working with and for the communities he visits.

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    Mary Michael Lipford

    Embracing the unknown is Mary Michael Lipford’s approach to life. In fact, she said, “I say yes to everything! Curiosity to me means never being satisfied in a stagnate state. It means accepting that the more you learn, the less you know -- and not letting that discourage you but excite you to keep learning, asking, and experiencing.

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    Jack Gray

    Jack Gray defines self-understanding and integrity in this concise way: “Integrity is being honest even when you have no reason to be and being a good person to others. Self-understanding is knowing where you are, where you want to be, and how you can achieve it.”

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