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    Christine Dennis-Smith

    Christine Dennis-Smith is well known on Virginia Tech’s campus for the enormous amount of support she provides for others. She has worked for the Women’s Center at Virginia Tech for nearly 20 years, and since 2008 has been its Co-Director of Services, working with and advocating for victims and survivors of gender-based violence, and supporting and empowering women who are caregivers. In 2003 she was recipient of the Virginia Sexual Assault Task Force Award in recognition of outstanding contributions in campus sexual assault.

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    Macie Snelson

    Macie Snelson fully embraces the Virginia Tech motto. She said, “No matter what you have going on, how many things you have to do, or even if you feel like you're not doing too well in life yourself, you should always make time to serve others. Service won't only help those you are serving, but it can help improve your mood, your self-esteem, and it will help you to see the good in the world.”

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    Rachel Spector

    A glimpse at Rachel Spector’s ExperienceVT Map gives one insight into her drive to make the world a better place through climate justice.

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    Grant Klich

    “Civility is best tested in adverse situations,” said Grant Klich’s nominator. As a Founding Father of Delta Chi at Virginia Tech and the fraternity’s first Scholarship Chair, Grant provided career workshops, seminars, study hours, one-on-one meetings, and study plans for students at risk of doing poorly in their classes. And he had his share of tough conversations. But he always kept an open mind, listened, and set the foundation to ensure students' success.

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    Abby Potter

    Abby Potter’s nominator recounts the tremendous growth Abby displayed in her time as an RA in Pritchard Hall and, eventually, as Senior Resident Advisor. At first hesitant and unsure, Abby’s confidence grew and she has become a mentor to new student staff members entering the RA role, always offering herself as a resource.

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