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Through the stories of our students, our alumni, and our community, we're telling the story of the Virginia Tech experience -- in all its diverse, unique, and cohesive beauty.

A Virginia Tech education is not just about the classroom experience. It is about a deeper learning, growing as a person, and gaining a richer understanding of yourself, your values, and your purpose. The depth and breadth of opportunity that await is profound. The options are limitless.

While the paths students take to accomplish their personal and professional goals look different, they’re all shaped by Virginia Tech’s Aspirations for Student Learning – a commitment to unwavering curiosity, the pursuit of self-understanding and integrity, the practice of civility, courageous leadership, and living the university motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve).

In the spirit of Ut Prosim, Hokies are committed to learn and lead in communities near and far, but it all starts here. At Virginia Tech, students are equipped and encouraged not only to engage their thoughts, opinions, passions, and strengths, but also to reflect, to face challenges, and to embrace change. Alumni leave Virginia Tech with a better understanding of who they are and their role in the myriad communities they belong to.

Virginia Tech Student Affairs exists to support student learning wherever it happens: in lecture halls, living-learning communities, and pulled-together sofa circles in Squires Student Center; through internships, study sessions, and research projects. When learning occurs, strangers become friends, seemingly opposite individuals forge partnerships, inclusion becomes reality, and service becomes second nature.

ExperienceVT is a collection of student and alumni stories, each one unique in its perspective. They highlight the diversity of experiences at Virginia Tech and represent what’s possible. What students choose to pursue reflects their strengths and values. Whether leading or supporting, interning or volunteering, researching or developing—students are finding and defining themselves, claiming their part, investing in it, and impacting others as a result.

Interested in writing with us? Email us at experienceVTblog@vt.edu.

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      • Parker Barrett. Photo Credit: Christina Franusich
      • Dec 10, 2019 A passion for personal development

        Parker Barrett is passionate about personal development -- both for himself and in helping other people on their individual journeys. He said, “The opportunity to make improvements and get better is what makes me excited to wake up every single day.”

      • Abby Perkins. Photo credit: Christina Franusich
      • Oct 25, 2019 Embracing curiosity to accomplish goals and move past setbacks

        “Abby deserves to be a recipient of an Aspire! Award for her commitment to unwavering curiosity. She does not passively partake in what sparks her curiosity, she actively works towards accomplishing her goals, creating something new, and embracing what helps her intellectual development. Not only does she reflect curiosity in her own actions and values, she inspires others to embrace a life of curiosity, too. Her inquisitive nature is contagious, and we find ourselves constantly bouncing ideas of one another, regardless of their feasibility.

      • Diamond Gilliam. Photo credit: Christina Franusich
      • Oct 21, 2019 “I am helping the cultures on campus be heard.”

        After the academic credentials, work experience, co-curricular activities, honors, and community service, there are three sentences on Diamond Gilliam’s resume, – just 63 words – that sum up who she is and why she stands before us today to receive the Aspire! Award for embracing Ut Prosim as a way of life.

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