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Tammy Dowdy

“Tammy goes above and beyond her duties to serve the Cochrane Hall community,” said her nominator. “No matter what personal things may be going on, she always shows up with a smile on her face, ready to crack a joke to get a laugh out of you. She exemplifies what Ut Prosim stands for and students can feel that through every interaction.”

Tammy is the housekeeper responsible for the Cochrane Hall community and has also served the East Campbell community. She is known among staff and students as a warm campus presence, committed to her work and caring deeply for her community.

“To say that Tammy is a staple of the Cochrane community is an understatement,” said her nominator. “She is a key part of the community.”

Tammy creates community by greeting everyone she sees with a smile and a warm welcome. She makes a point to get to know students so they know she is someone they can seek out if they have a problem. They understand that she wants what is best for them and will make sure the problem is handled.

Tammy is a valuable resource for community improvement. She often collaborates with professional staff to help address issues. When she brings attention to an issue, she is always considerate and kind.

Her nominator said, “Tammy goes beyond what is asked of her as a housekeeper and truly serves the Cochrane community and the greater District 2 community.”

Beyond the day-to-day ways in which Tammy serves the Cochrane community, she goes out of her way to make students feel welcome and celebrated. Last fall, she spent her own time and money planning a day for the entire building to gather over shared food. Throughout the day, students were favored by Tammy’s hospitality in the Cochrane family lounge as they enjoyed each other’s company.

“We are able to better respond and care for students because of the work that Tammy does daily,” said her nominator. “She works with us to make sure we are doing all that we can to give our residents the best residential experience that they can have.”

For her service in fostering a community of care, connection, and acceptance, it is my pleasure to recognize Tammy Dowdy with the Aspire! Award for EMBRACE UT PROSIM AS A WAY OF LIFE.