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Meredith Beavers

Meredith Beavers
Meredith Beavers

Meredith Beavers, a senior in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, has always had a passion for serving others. Even before coming to Virginia Tech, Meredith was involved in mission trips and community-partnerships which resulted in the creation of her own non-profit organization focused on sustainability, called Unite Lives.

When she arrived at Virginia Tech, Meredith found her place by getting involved with campus— first, she ran for President of her residence hall, and won. Meredith says that the campaign alone pushed her out of her comfort zone and allowed her to meet and talk with new people. After her success as residence hall President, she continued to seek opportunities to get involved and found numerous other organizations at Virginia Tech that have made it feel like home.

Meredith served as an Orientation Team Member during her sophomore year, and found joy in welcoming the new Hokies to their home. She also participates in Greeks Giving Back with her sorority, assists with homecoming campaigns, and regularly attends philanthropy events on and around campus.

Her co-curricular activities are not the only place Meredith seeks to serve others— she has also committed to bettering the world with her dual degree in Smart and Sustainable Cities and Political Science, serving the greater community with her commitment to understanding the world and changing the architecture of the future.

Meredith says she has always had a passion for serving others, and Virginia Tech has granted her many different opportunities to serve. In addition to her service on campus, Meredith traveled with Virginia Tech to Switzerland and Africa, where she worked with local communities to study sustainable city-building.

Meredith, for your service to the Virginia Tech community and your astounding commitment to others, it is my honor to present to you the Aspire! Award for Embrace Ut Prosim as a Way of Life.