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Judith Obregón

Judith Obregón

“Judith Obregón shows us what it means to lead bravely,” said her nominator. “Her actions remind us that true leaders stand up for justice and help those who need it most. Not only is she getting ready for a life of courageous leadership – she's living it.”

In 2020, Judith established the Bright Light STEM organization, providing mentoring programs for underprivileged children in Peru and the Wayuu Indigenous Nation in Colombia. The initiative had over 60 volunteer teachers and empowered over 800 children, many of whom were inspired to pursue further education in STEM fields.

Judith also collaborated with traditional Wayuu leaders on the Peace Project, aimed at unifying the community through consensus. Their strategies addressed critical environmental issues while respecting the cultural significance of indigenous land. When confronted with a severe conflict in the Wayuu Nation, she collaborated with the leaders of the nation to work on reforestation, water purification, and wildlife protection. Their efforts benefited over 4,000 indigenous inhabitants and led to community reunification that helped over 7,000 indigenous individuals resolve long-standing conflicts.

Her work with the Wayuu Nation continues today in projects focused on education, sustainability, and the preservation of the indigenous language and cultural legacy.

“Her initiative to uplift the Wayuu Nation has marked a before and after for us,” said her nominator. “She is a passionate, determined, hard-working, and transformative leader.”

While studying in Spain with a scholarship from the US Department of State, Judith communicated the struggles of indigenous students to the Spanish business school’s leadership. As a result, the school provided scholarships worth 75,000 euros to Peruvian and Wayuu students.

Scholarship recipients completed entrepreneurship training in 2022, inspiring many to start new projects, including one to combat breast cancer using artificial intelligence. With Judith as their international business advisor and pitch coach, the students behind the project earned first place at Peru's national Impact Startup Competition in 2022.

“I am propelled by a vision of a just world,” said Judith. “A place where equality reigns, our precious environment is revered and restored, and every individual's dignity is upheld without compromise.”

For helping indigenous groups expand their voices, access educational opportunities to improve their lives and communities, and find peaceful and sustainable paths forward, I am proud to present the Aspire! Aware for PREPARE FOR A LIFE OF COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP to Judith Obregón.