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Joseph D’Agostino

Joseph D’Agostino

“Joe has consistently demonstrated a commitment to personal growth and self-reflection,” said his nominator. “His ability to introspect and make ethical decisions even in challenging situations is truly commendable.”

Joe has served on the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and the Virginia Tech Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (or NROTC) since the beginning of his college career in 2021. For the Corps of Cadets, he has served as work center supervisor, training petty officer, and assistant department head. For the NROTC, he has worked as fire team leader, squad leader, and cadre.

Joe’s nominator describes his leadership as astute and compassionate, always demonstrating a desire to learn about himself and others. Over the past two semesters, he has sought out opportunities to learn about Inclusion & Belonging efforts on campus, and he has become a champion of the program’s fundamental objectives. Last semester, he helped organize a discussion with his battalion, inviting the Chief Inclusion & Belonging Officer to speak.

“Joe understands he must lead people who may identify differently from him,” said his nominator, “and that he must be able to lead them in a way that honors them.”

Through Joe’s efforts, he has helped foster an environment of empowerment and acceptance within the Corps. He endeavors to give back to the Corps of Cadets because the organization helped him find his place at Virginia Tech. Through his work with the Corps, not only did he find his community, but he gained a deeper understanding of his values.

Joe describes his top values as: good work ethic, empowerment, resilience, and authenticity. He said his values remind him of the version of himself that he strives to become, as well as the ways in which he hopes to inspire the people he leads.

“It’s important to question yourself to a high degree to understand why you make certain decisions,” said Joe. “It's also important to understand why you feel comfortable making those decisions, and how they align with your moral compass.”

A lesson he would share with others is the importance of being honest with yourself, taking note of your strengths and weaknesses, and learning when to apply them.

“Joe is a role model for others,” said his nominator. “His integrity shines through.”

For his commitment to living authentically and inspiring others to do the same, it is my pleasure to present the Aspire! Award for PURSUE SELF-UNDERSTANDING AND INTEGRITY to Joseph D'Agostino.