What's your #HokieHiccup?

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Mistakes are normal, and failure is how we grow. Often in college we feel like we’re the only ones messing up and everyone else has it together. The truth is everyone messes up, and that’s okay! That’s what resiliency is about, bouncing back from mistakes.

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Hokie Wellness asked students about resiliency and normalizing failure. Can you relate to any of these hiccups?


My #HokieHiccup: "Skipped an interview." "Dropping a class."

My #HokieHiccup: "Skipped an interview." "Droping a class."

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To learn more resiliency skills, sign up for one of Hokie Wellness’ Fostering Resiliency workshops, and read other Hokies’ stories of resiliency through Student Affairs’ FORWARD series.