Calvin's curiosity is sparked by the unknown

Calvin Godfrey
Calvin Godfrey. Photo Credit: Christina Franusich

For first-year student Calvin Godfrey, the words “I don’t know” represent an opportunity—to learn something new, dig deeper, or create community—and indicate that he is asking good questions.

His nominator wrote, “Calvin constantly challenges himself to see what he can achieve, asking what else he can learn or do. He takes classes simply because he is interested in a topic. He consistently embraces his surroundings and the opportunities that Virginia Tech provides.”

Calvin enjoys spending time with different groups of people and developing deep connections while he learns. He plays trumpet in the Virginia Tech Wind Ensemble and is a member of Hackers at Virginia Tech, the Programming Team, and the Math Club. He plans to double major in computer science and math.

He approaches music and math in much the same way—analytically and with a growth mindset.

Calvin wrote, “What sparks my curiosity most is when I am introduced to a new topic and get to work through it and explore every part of it. In music, my favorite days of the year are when the director passes out new music. Academically, this usually happens when we start a new topic in class and I begin to wonder about the applications and potential uses, and how it fits into what we have already learned. I try to learn with the mindset that if I try hard enough, there is nothing I can’t learn. So even if I’m in over my head with something, I do my best to go slowly and try to understand it step-by-step.”

Calvin enjoys hearing “I don’t know” from a teacher or mentor. “That usually means I’m asking a relatively hard question and that I’m thinking about the concept in the right way,” he said.

It is not surprising, then, that Learner is Calvin’s top Strength—or that his other Strengths are Strategic, Input, Analytical, and Relator.

Calvin’s curiosity and desire to learn are contagious.

His nominator wrote, “Calvin embraces every unique experience as a learning opportunity. His behavior has inspired me to take on a larger variety of clubs, classes, and communities. He has also introduced many of his friends to new events and encourages everybody to become more involved in their community. Whether it’s inviting people to watch their very first band concert, building a gingerbread train in D2, or helping every person possible with their homework, Calvin truly goes above and beyond.”

Calvin wrote, “I try to expose myself to as many different things as possible to find what I’m most passionate about. When I find things I enjoy, I delve deep into them to gain a good understanding. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to make my own discoveries and advancements for others to use.”