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Strengths Consultants

Want to be involved in facilitating Strengths-Based Learning experiences for other students, faculty, or staff on campus? Our Strengths Consultants are Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students who have committed to learning about Gallup CliftonStrengths and helping others on campus understand the power of their own Top 5 for individual and collective fulfillment and success.

We open up new Strengths Consultant applications each year. Here is a timeline for the process:

  • Application opens in Mid-October.
  • Application closes around the end of November.
  • Applicants are notified in early December and confirmed by the middle of December.
  • Email for more information about the application process and commitment to the Strengths Consultant program.

Contact Us

Email us at to learn more, request a workshop, or ask a question about the CliftonStrengths Assessment.