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Your time here is unique as you participate in clubs that interest you, surround yourself with people that inspire you, and strive to accomplish the goals you define. Research shows that when you reflect on these experiences, they make more of an impact on you and your success. Everyone will have their own Virginia Tech experience, but we want to help you ExperienceVT and thrive.


1. Reflect on your strengths - Explore the Aspirations

The Explore phase of ExperienceVT is all about getting acquainted with the Aspirations for Student Learning and the numerous opportunities that await you. It’s about exploring what is available to you so that you’ll feel prepared to make decisions and make the most of your time at Virginia Tech. Get started!

2. Map your journey - Practice the Aspirations

As you start to build and map out your collegiate experience, you’ll begin to Practice the Aspirations. In the Explore phase, you started to grasp the “what” of the Aspirations for Student Learning. Here, in the Practice phase, you’ll be thinking through the “how.” We want you to take a step further and think more about how you:

  • commit to unwavering curiosity
  • pursue self-understanding and integrity
  • practice civility
  • prepare for a life of courageous leadership
  • embrace Ut Prosim as a way of life

3. Create your future - Live the Aspirations

To fully live means you have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the Aspirations for Student Learning, and that you are fully embracing what they mean to you. This is a journey, one that will launch you into life post-graduation, as you’re discovering the true interweaving of learning beyond the classroom. This phase asks the “why” as you ExperienceVT.

  • Why do you invest in the organizations and activities you do?
  • Why do the Aspirations matter to you personally?
  • Why are you the person you’ve become?
  • Why do you strive toward the dreams you dream?

Each year, we recognize remarkable students who serve in unique, amazing, and inspiring ways. Five times a year, we recognize students who embody our Aspirations via our Aspire! Awards breakfasts. Annually, we select a cohort of Aspirations Fellows who represent the pinnacle of achievement in the spirit of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) through their service and compassion to Virginia Tech and the extended university community.