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The Pod Experience at VT

Students outside on campus within their pod group

What is a pod and why should you want one?

Pods are small groups of students who are able to interact with each other more closely and in a more relaxed, un-masked environment while in their residence. In addition to the peer support you’ll receive from your pod, we’ve created pod-friendly services and experiences for students in registered pods to make Virginia Tech feel more like home during the pandemic.

All students can participate in pods, whether you live on- or off-campus.

We know it can be difficult to find your people, and the pandemic has only made that harder as we continue to physically distance and mask up throughout campus. Let us help you jump start your journey by participating in Involvement Advising through The Source. Our Engagement Ambassadors are experts in helping students use their passions to find their people and VT purpose through student organization membership.

Once you find your pod, make sure you register it! Students can begin registering your pods on January 18, and must register their pod by the end of the second week of classes. Registered pods will have access to events and services as a group, and can gather together in residence halls, too.

Now that you’ve registered, engage in events such as intramurals, hiking and recreational activities, game nights, art programming, and more with others in your pod. Attending events with your pod can be fun and create a support network for you during the spring semester. Students can find and register for pod-friendly events via GobblerConnect.

Not sure what activities to attend or how to access services on campus? Students in registered pods may sign up to receive individualized coaching for your pod. Coaches will work with your pod to connect you to university and community experiences for a successful spring semester. Pods who participate in coaching can also learn more about ExperienceVT web app, and how to use the Aspirations for Student Learning and CliftonStrengths for a well-rounded college experience. Once you register with your pod, a pod coach will reach out to you and schedule a coaching meeting. We can’t wait to meet you!

Students can use the ExperienceVT web app to map their experiences while participating in the pod experience at Virginia Tech. Track your activities and find areas you want to explore while you attend college to get the most out of your college experience and prepare you for a life beyond campus.