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Student in mid air while breakdancing
Photo credit: Mary Desmond

These years as a college student are pivotal. The possibilities are endless for how you live them. Taking the time to learn about yourself, set goals, define your path, and reflect on your journey helps you make the most of your unique Virginia Tech experience.


ExperienceVT encourages students to focus on their gifts and talents, honing them into true strengths.

Students who know their strengths can be intentional in investing in their talents, expanding their curiosities, and putting their strengths to use.

Virginia Tech is the first university in the nation to offer the internationally recognized Gallup® CliftonStrengths assessment FREE to all students. It will help you learn how you work, what you value, where you excel, and who you are becoming.

Setting Goals

Your time at Virginia Tech is shaped by your interests, fueled by your passions, and driven by your goals. Setting goals is crucial for defining your path forward as a Hokie.

With experience and reflection, your goals may change. ExperienceVT encourages you to revise your goals when needed.

Connect with ExperienceVT Ambassadors for help at any step along the way.