Your Virginia Tech experience is all about the
sending out.

To serve

To lead

To be curious

To adventure

To grow

To reconcile

To stand out

To give back

To explore

To practice

To live

Hokies are committed to serve, learn, and lead in communities near and far. The Division of Student Affairs, in its simplest terms, supports life outside the classroom and bridges the interweaving of learning experiences. The division's goal is to launch students into life post-graduation with a better understanding of who they are and who they hope to be.

Student Affairs is committed to the pursuit of growth in our students: In lecture halls, dorm rooms, pulled-together sofa circles in Squires. Across the ocean or in your backyard.  With people like you, and with people opposite you. Strangers become friends. Inclusivity becomes tangible. Service becomes second-nature.

The paths look different, but every Virginia Tech student and alumni drop little breadcrumbs throughout their journeys linking them back to this university. 

This blog is a place to hold the stories of the sending out and to tell of the breadcrumbs linking back home. Whether it's leadership roles in campus organizations or collecting canned goods to relieve food insecurity in our community or living among locals in a new country, and anything and everything else, Virginia Tech is making moves and creating move-makers. Through the stories of our alum, our students, and our community, we're going to tell the story of the Virginia Tech experience, in all its diverse and unique and cohesive beauty.  

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